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Faces of Us


This week we began 2 new classes through iCademy Global. A Middle/High school fashion design elective & a K-2 (with a few 3rd-5th thrown in) enrichment class.  I love the first day when the faces & possibilities are new. I get a few puzzled looks and then smiles when I give my “First Day Advice” and let them know that I expect it!

First Day Advice

        First Day Advice

Here’s a few outtakes of Wearables-Intro to Fashion Design & Sewn Art-Enrichment Class

Challenge #1: Revamp My Tee!  Students were given a tshirt and told to use cutting, weaving, hand sewing & their creativity to produce a reworked piece to show their personality. They were also challenged to produce an accessory from scraps to add to the outfit.  https://flic.kr/s/aHskhFNzvL

This semester I am offering an enrichment class for K-2 (with some 3rd-5th mixed in) that incorporates sew as art. As a get-to-know-you activity, we began by sitting in a circle & rolling the huge ball of yarn to each other. Since my huge ball of yarn reminds me of my cat, Austin, they said their names, grade and pet’s name if they had one.

Project #1: Faces of Us!  Students chose a foam face to stitch in the same way as you would a sewing card. They used plastic embroidery needles, yarn & beads for eyes. They learned how/tried to thread their needle, manage the needle & yarn while lacing through the correct pre-punched holes to create their faces. https://flic.kr/s/aHskhFN7e1


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