iCademy Enrichment

Week 2

This week students learned about where some of their clothing comes from. We made the connection that sheep’s wool produce some sweaters and socks. To help students understand this process, I read, “From Sheep to Sweater” by Robin Nelson and “Woolbur” by Leslie Helakoski.

Fun for Week 2

We passed around roving to feel. So soft!

Roving Fun Passing Roving Around

Project:  Become a Sheep Shearer!

Shear Away!Carefully CuttingAfter they sheared the sheep, students carded (or combed) their wool removing any pretend bugs, hay or dirt.


Finally, students came together to make me a sweater and pair of wool socks!


Such a fun week! Thank you for being partners in Sheep Shearing! If you are local and would like to see a professional sheep shearing, the Critter Barn is having their 25 Anniversary Family Round-Up this Tuesday evening. This is an awesome family event!  Baa Baa!


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