Studio Policies

TUITION: Fees are due in full upon registration. 

COST OF MATERIALS: Weaving: material cost will be charged at the end of your project. Hand towels are $0.50/linear inch. Rugs are charged by weight after taking your project off of the loom at $5 per oz. Sewing: basic supplies (machine, needle, scissors, cutting mat & table, iron) are provided. You will be given a materials list (if needed) after payment is received.  Knitting & Crocheting: basic needles will be provided for use or you may bring your own if it is the correct size needed. You will be given a materials list (if needed) after payment is received.

$25 will be charged.

MAKE-UP CLASS may be arranged when a student calls us about an absence 12 hours prior to your class.

NO-SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION: No refund or make-up class, if you don’t give notice of absence 12 hours prior to your class.

CANCELLATION for a series of the classes: No refund will be given after the first day of the series of classes. 

CANCELLED CLASS: If upSewn Studio cancels a class, you will be notified as soon as possible and rescheduled for a mutually convenient time. In case of inclement weather, the studio may be closed without notice.

HOLDING POLICY: upSewn Studio will keep your ongoing project until your next visit. Any unfinished work left at the studio for more than 30 days will become the property of upSewn Studio and ineffective for the rest of your class. If you want to quit without completing the project, you must pay for materials.

CONDUCT: Children’s Class may not be accompanied by adults. Adults may stay in waiting area. In the case of a disruptive behavior by a child, upSewn Studio will call parent or guardian and consult for withdrawal from their classes.

EATING and CELL PHONE are not permitted in the studio.

LOST and FOUND: upSewn Studio
 is not responsible for any projects or personal items lost.

PETS and BABIES: No pets allowed. Please hold your babies in the studio. upSewn Studio or its teachers are not responsible for any accidents involving our equipment. Please supervise your young children who are not taking a class.